The region described is situated basically at the boundaries of Pricaspian lowland, in interfluve of Volga-Ural, Ural-Embenski plain and Buzachi-Mertvokultukski zone. The Caspian sea has area more than 392,6 thousand km2, length-about 1200 km, width up to 320 km. Shore line, with length of more than 7000 km, is divided between five Pricaspian States (Azerbaidzhan, Kazakhstan, Russia, Turkmenistan, Iran) [Kireev M.A. Hydrometeorological problems solution at the boundaries of Caspian ecological program //Problems of hydrometeorology and ecology. Materials of the international scientific-practical conference, dedicated to 50 years of KazNIIMOSK.-Almaty: KazNIIMOSK, 2001.-pp.114-115. (in Russian)].

Watershed basin of Caspian sea

with annual fluvial drainage distribution
[Sydykov Zh.S., Golubtsov V.V., Kuandykov B.M. Caspian sea and
its coastal zone (natural conditions and ecological state).
Almaty, 1995, 211 pp. (in Russian)]
1 - rivers; 2 - annual amount of drainage, mm; 3 - Caspian sea basin; 4 investigations region


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