Sustainable development and protection of water resources
in the irrigated land of the Ily river delta
(Project TA-MOU-01-CA21-021 funded by the USAID)

Impact, Relevance, and Technology Transfer

The main results of this research were transferred to the Jetissus Hydrogeological- Reclamation expedition of the Water Resources Committee (under the Ministry of Agriculture of the Kazakhstan Republic). The expedition has started using the project’s findings for planning water and agricultural activity in the region, within the framework of a project to reconstruct irrigation and drainage systems. Specifically, the GIS-based database and developed model of hydrological and hydrochemical conditions are being included as a part of the automated information system for monitoring ecological conditions in the study area. The Institute of Hydrogeology and Hydrophysics (IHH) of Kazakhstan participates in this technology transfer and training professionals of water authorities. Implementation will afford the possibility to estimate efficiency of planned activities regarding reconstruction of the Akdalinsky irrigation system, and to predict the effect of water management on conditions in the study area for different crop rotation scenarios.

As a result of this project, the computing facilities in the Laboratory of modeling and hydrodynamics at the IHH were improved. The Kazakh researchers were trained to use the Groundwater Modeling System (GMS 4.0), geoinformation system MapInfo and database management system FOXPRO. In the course of this project, Mrs. O. Miroshnichenko (IHH) prepared and defended the PhD thesis “Development and identification of the mathematical models of geofiltration using GIS-based technologies and expert approach”. Mrs. I. Aidarov (BGU) is preparing her M.Sc. thesis entitled “Sustainable management of water resources in arid lands”.

The results of this investigation will be presented as an illustrative example for a cycle of lectures entitled “Modeling of environmental-technogenic systems”, by Dr. V. Yu. Panichkin of the National Kazakh Technical University.

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